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Legion Class Optimus Prime has been found at Family Dollar and Dollar General stores in adidas online promo code august 2017 the United States.
Some reports suggest that the paint on this figure's chest chips more easily than past editions.
His head was not entirely clipped down in his stock photos.
Promotional images for the figure depicted its robot mode as white and aqua-blue, but the finished product was visibly darker, produced in shades of off-white and dark teal.Optimus Prime Launcher (Launcher, 2013) Series : 2 Number : BL001 Accessories : 4 Energon Cube targets Fist strength : 820 Blaster strength : 405 Sword strength : 390 Part of the first wave of Bot Shots Series 2 launchers, this new-mold Optimus Prime transforms.As with Optimus Prime, his cab transforms into a small robot, which can then combine with the trailer to form a "super robot although all original Generation 1 fiction prior to the 21st century ignored this and simply rendered the super robot as Magnus's default.Step 1: Put Optimus Prime toy inside a wearable Matrix.It included a gold.P.The checklist card in each set lists all the trainers for the theme of the set.YOU'LL never guess HIS true allegiance!Generation 2 I AM optimus prime.Powered by four AA batteries, the Microcarrier drives Star Convoy either forward or backward, spinning a radar dish mounted on the rear of his trailer as he rolls along.This box was available at regular retail in Brazil.His legs, outer forearms and truck mode "sleeper cabin" side panels have been retooled to include 5mm post -holes as part of the line-wide " Arms Micron " gimmick.The accompanying English text reads "01 convoy bape version RED camo".Like all Titans Return Voyager class figures, he has built in mechanisms to "bulk up" his noggin.Chronicle Convoy (EZ Collection, 2011) A veeery slight repaint of the 2010 Reveal the Shield Legends figure, the first Chronicle Prime replaces that figure's rubsign with a tiny tampographed Autobot symbol on his left bicep.
Being the tenth use of the sculpt, some instances of mold deterioration has affected on the vehicle front's bumper (Which affects the space on the head/front bumper transformation the headlights, and/or the legs, and the hole on the left shoulder is toys r us 5000 sweepstakes prone to develop.

He wears Arc S 's blade on his right arm and wields the Giga Tornado Cannon Combo Weapon.All-white in cellphone mode, he sports additional blue and red detailing in robot mode.His blue paint is light and sparkly-metallic, his red paint is dull matte, and his optics are yellow.The main build of the set is a massive vehicle based on Optimus's truck cab, capable of seating a single Kreon in the driver's seat.Optimus would have had winged arms in non-super robot mode.However, the Cyber Battalion Optimus Prime figure (along with Starscream and Bumblebee) saw release as a Universal Studios Theme Park exclusive.7 The figure would have come in a monochrome version of the standard Henkei!You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding.Pressing the button "unlocks" the spinning mechanism; pull hard on the button, and you can lock the torso back into place.
The prototype images showed that Optimus features sharp antennae on his head.