uil region marching contest 2015

Every director that might enter a group must have his/her own profile.
Please contact the Office of create your own coupons free the UIL State Director of Music if you have any questions.
It can be downloaded here.
Each year approximately one half million middle school, junior high and high school students reap the benefits of participation in the ten UIL music events.Another day at the office for one of your region executive committee members!Section 1104, Copyright Compliance, in relevant part, states the following: (a) compliance: Compliance with current copyright law is required of all participants in UIL music events.Exception: If your region mariachi contest is on or after Saturday February 17, those directors will have 24 hours to fill out the entry form.UIL recommends that a school with questions regarding its particular musical performance and associated licensing requirements contact the schools legal counsel.Click here for a refresher.Marching Band Educational Use Video Agreement.Congratulations to all of the marching bands who participated at the Region, Area, and State Levels!Marching Band General Information and Forms.The Music Program of the UIL is designed to support and enrich the teaching of music as an integral component of the public school curriculum in the state of Texas.Music News Updates, september 01, Prescribed Music List Released note: All Vocal Solos have been combined into one event code (108).Point Drive San Antonio, TX 78266.

For a list and map of all school districts in the new Region 11, visit p?region11, uIL contest results can be found.Parent/Student UIL Marching Band Acknowledgement Form: This form must be on file with the school principal or designee, prior to marching competition.This year, 200,000 students participated in marching band across Texas!Due to us not having a letter of intent, it is important to get this done on time.It is solely a schools responsibility to determine what licenses may be required and to obtain any and all necessary licenses prior to participation in a UIL event.We expect the location to be in the Rio Grande Valley.Entry deadline is 2 business days after contest.UIL expects that all participant schools comply with all applicable copyright laws at its events.State Mariachi Festival (February 23 24, 2018).One form per student to be kept on file throughout their high school career.
Entry Fee: 400, location of the state event will be listed on our website, once the contract has been finalized. .