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Then theres the question of come dine with me uk celebrity contestants how does it affect my and my partners tax credits?
VX8qFD2s0Fwg limeyphil senior member Posts: 9100 Joined: Sat Mar 01, 2008 10:58 am Location: At home with a hangover Top Re: Agency Driver P87 Tax Form - What can I claim for?Top Re: Agency Driver P87 Tax Form - What can I claim for?In my household, it worked out that if my wife gave up her 150 a week job, and I claimed about 100 a week in expenses, then the tax credits rebate would make up nearly every pound lost by my wife giving up the job.But like I said, make sure you have cast iron proof and records.Think I read that sometimes they do give you it in a lump sum though, do you know when that tends to happen though?Ive only got until the 5th of April to send it in so any help and advice on filling out the form would be greatly appreciated!If you gross 500, and claim 100 in expenses, then you get 400 added to your "gross to date" figure which is the one used to calculate where tax begins AND what threshold of tax credits you are entitled to as a household.(ie you CAN claim for food - at least I do, but you must actually eat some bought whilst on duty rather than take a packed lunch) How does if affect tax credits?The complete details of what you can and can't claim for can be found on the hmrc website.Just like all the ex-SAS drivers and people in every walk of life.1ntense wrote:Hi, I remember reading that as an agency driver and working for different companies that you can claim back your mileage using a P87 form.I could easily be wrong though, I am going back a few years.The only thing that will happen on 5th April, is that the rolling period will roll over, bringing in and knocking off the other one at the older end of the rolling period.
Was hoping that I would get it in a lump sum but I suppose that was wishful thinking and a bit too good to be true!

EastAnglianTrucker wrote:Oh, and if you can prove your case, you can actually claim retrospectively for up to six years I think.1ntense wrote:Ive only got until the 5th of April to send it in You must wait until after 5th of April to make a claim for the tax year.My old boss rang me the other day.The dcpc can be claimed back.Universal Credit at the same time.I have no doubt whatsoever, that many of the people who have commented on here have been told x, y and z by someone at the tax office at one time and taken it as gospel when in reality, it was just where was the winning powerball ticket that persons opinion.When Anna started at the University of Leeds, she realised that she would need to find a job to pay her tuition fees.Guess what I told them, I'm still doing it and they have gone away to try and impress someone else with their over-inflated opinion of their powers.Whereas if I just fill out the form, they may just credit me with what Ive claimed for if you know what I mean If you have accurate records, and you fill in the form correctly, you shouldn't have a problem.