victorians chimney sweeps facts

We can also come to your special day in old Victorian chimney sweep dress to bring luck to your wedding day.
The weight of the lead or iron ball pulls the brush down, thus cleaning the chimney.
In 1859 Charles Darwin shook religious leaders by publishing Origin of species.International "Gathering" of Chimney Sweeps "Spazzacamini" is actually the Italian word for "chimney sweeps" - It's also American shorthand for an incredible gathering of chimney sweeps from all over the world in Santa Maria Maggiore, Italy.It is argued that the children were in most cases needlessly used, as the work could be carried out by adults using brushes just as easily.In the early part of the 18th century various types of chimney cleaning methods were being developed.It took many years and campaigns before Acts of Parliament finally approved by the House of Lords outlawed the use of Climbing Boys.So please feel free to give us a call and if there is anything we can help you with, please dont hesitate to contact us for a warm and friendly consultation.Way back to the 17th century the Master Sweep of the day would employ small boys to climb and scramble up chimneys.Mining was one of the deadliest jobs for the Victorians.This was right up to the early 1960s when gas began to be installed and replace coal as a source eharmony coupon code one month of domestic heating.
Victorians could end up in prison for not paying debts.

They also used metal scrapers to remove the harder tar deposits left by wood or log fire smoke.They were usually quickly cleaned up with salty water and sent on to the next chimney.Carbon monoxide poisonings from blocked chimneys began to be noticed.A Brief History of Our Craft.The Industrial Revolution saw new inventions and a growing economy.There were many pickpockets throughout the big towns and cities.
Many of the children died or received serious injuries in the chimneys either getting stuck or falling great distances.
The Job, orphaned children as young as four were sold by orphanages to master sweeps to clean the chimneys.