voucher date and effective date in tally

The system will calculate the over due from 10 day credit period ends.
Date button provided at the right hand top of the screen.
The free version are for educational purpose and you have to buy a licensed version of Tally ERP 9 for enjoying full options and voucher entry on all date.
To change this date, press F2 from your keyboard or click.If system calculating from bill date, it should have been 20 days, but here system calculated outstanding days using effective days, hence it comes 19 days.Gateway of Of select Date Range uses AltF2, or clicking on Period button on right button panel.Assume that you are in payment voucher.Period are required for a report, For example if you want to view the ledger statement from.From :,.Lets go through an example.How to change the date of a voucher in Tally erp.You can see the sales entry in the screenshot below.Comment below for and suggestions.Effective date will not have any impact on accounts part, which meaning the date of transaction in ledger shows itself, but the impact shows only on the reporting part.For resolving their doubts or for clarifications.Go to, gateway of Tally Display Account Book Ledger, select the ledger, and on the top on the report you will see the current period automatically selected by tally as shown in the picture.We can do and check this in Tally ERP9.The Effective dates for the voucher will be used.
Just type 1-6-16 or in the box and press enter, Instead of typing full date you can type 1-6, tally will automatically find the year and display full e any of the date separators list of paid surveys like/ or *.

In voucher type alteration screen, set Yes to the option Use effective Dates for vouchers.Enter the sales transaction in the sales voucher, we have already learned sales voucher entry in the previous tutorial. .Now lets enter the transaction mentioned above,.Summary of Post, many are confused about the option Use effective dates for vouchers.Enter the starting date and end date in the box and press enter as shown in the image.Gateway of Tally Accounts Info Voucher Type Alter, select Sales voucher from the list.
Assume today is 1st May 2015, Lets find out the over due days.
Summary of Post, to change the date of Tally Voucher you have to do the fore we start, You should know Tally ERP 9 Educational version have some date restriction.