voucher entry in accounting

Date Particulars Debit Credit Accrued Interest.
The entry for come dine with me uk celebrity contestants accrued interest is as follows.Org/ ml true, uTF-8.Any voucher type (except non-accounting voucher) can be designatedas an Optional voucher.5.1.12 Post-dated VouchersPost-dated Vouchers are ignored by P 9 until the date in question.In the process ofmaking the payment, P 9 displays a warning at the time of accepting the e entry made appears as shown below:.Sales voucherSelect F8: Sales from the button bar and enter.By setting Use Common Narration option to No, we canhave separate narration fields for each line on the voucher.Date Particulars Debit Credit Depreciation.Insuch cases, enter it as a Memo voucher and amend it when you get the details.3.They are the means by which you enter transactions relating to the Inventory.Voucher Entry in P 9120Points to RememberA voucher is a document containing the details of a financial per accounting rules, any transaction indicating the transfer of fundsfrom cash account to bank account; bank account to cash account andbank account to bank account is referred.Do notactivate the invoice ke sure that Inventory Values are affected?Make Optional as default: No (This is to set the voucher type as an Optional voucher, bydefault)8.
For booking april month rent as income we have to transfer 20000 from unearned rent to rent received account in order to extract the accurate profit from P L Account.

Date of voucherThe date of the voucher you enter is displayed at the top-right of theVoucher Creation screen.Yes or No Yes.We shall now learn how to enter pure inventory vouchers.5.2.10 Recording Inventory TransactionsThe inventory transactions of National Traders for April 2009 are:National Traders Inventory TransactionsDate Transaction Details6-4-09 Delivered 1 HCL PIV from On-Site to Spectrum Computers.7-4-09 Received delivery of 2 HP Laserjet 1010 Series from.In other words, they do not want to update stocks with only a delivery note neither dothey want to with a Goods Receipt Note.You can select the voucher type required.Enter the appropriate reference for the Purchase and Sales lect the ledgers and enter the amounts.Effective dateA voucher type can be configured to allow for an Effective date.They exist only for a day and are effective on the date of the reversing journal.Expense Journal Entry : We can use, journal entry to book credit purchase of expense.