water wise landscape rebate program

During our first meeting, he asked for our concerns, time commitment to our garden and promotional football giveaways what we hoped to achieve.
DCD is committed to providing our clients top-quality work with a strong emphasis on environmentally appropriate landscape design.
At the post-inspection, GWD staff confirms upgrades, collects receipts, and takes an "after" picture.We offer professionally drafted plan sets, rainwater harvesting ideas, water rebate program assistance, and fire-wise landscape design.The Water Wise Landscape Rebate Program is currently available only in the service areas listed below. .Keeping those important things in mind, he has designed the most beautiful, new yorker subscription offer serene, water saving garden for our home.He has been very professional and informative.Check out the Water Wise Native Plant Booklet for inspiration!Retrofitting to rotating nozzles to eliminate runoff and misting?Water-Wise Plants and Mulch: 50 of the cost of water-wise plants and mulch.
Or a rain shut-off sensor?

Design will only be rebated in combination with other approved materials.Spanish and English classes start Spring 2018 at Santa Barbara City College and Allan Hancock College.A substantial water savings must be estimated by City staff to qualify.Watershed Approach to landscape design and encourage our clients to learn more about this concept.Get started by contacting your water provider!Water Wise Landscape Rebate Program, cash for Making Your Garden More Water Wise!GWD then has 60 days to review receipts and issue a check to the customer for qualifying design and materials.Santa Barbara County Rebate Program Participants.Planting for Spring Color, transform your landscape into a beautiful, low maintenance water wise garden.Santa Barbara City College's School of Extended Learning in Santa Barbara and, allan Hancock College in Santa Maria.
At least 50 of the front yard shall be landscaping.