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The reward for each winning ticket was only 1,992.32.
Pick 4 edit Pick 4 is drawn every day during a live broadcast immediately following the Pick 3 drawings.
17:25 Looks like I am going on a book shopping spree this weekend: you in?4 Lucky Lines is an instant win game where players elect how much to wager on each ticket from 1, 2, 3,.Players may elect to add 1 to the cost of their Florida Lotto ticket and multiply non-jackpot prizes by up. 04:35 Can't do nothing in Leon county sweety, everybody finds everything out.Additionally, Lotto Xtra tickets win a free play for matching 2 of 6 numbers. 01:08.31 However, unlike scratch-off tickets where the winning tickets are all predetermined and top prizes may be sold before a player makes their purchase, the Lottery's computer randomly generates all Lucky Line tickets in real time.

Powerball edit Main article: Powerball Powerball became available in Florida on January 4, 2009; the first drawing including Florida was January.Lucky Money jackpot winners may choose between an annuity of 20 payments that equals the advertised jackpot, or a lump-sum payment, which is about 2/3 of the advertised jackpot, less federal income tax withholding.35 Complete listing of homes available for sale in Ox Bottom in Leon County.The lights will be turned on just after dusk and will be on over night to show support for the championship-bound Seminoles.The law stipulated that 50 go to prizes, calculate federal tax rebate 38 go to education, and the remaining 12 used for lottery administration and promotion.36 Once the student is in college, these awards must be renewed by maintaining a minimum.75 GPA for Florida Gold Seal Vocational and Florida Medallion Scholars awards and.0 for the Florida Academic Scholars Award.
19:14 We don't live that kind of life in Leon County.