what is the meaning of the phrase no contest

A public API could increase competition that benefits some big vendors even while it hurts others.
Surveys show that most doctors still see their EHRs as clunky, and that sharing and receiving usable information about patients is a nasa space suit design contest big chore both for providers and for patients seeking to view or transfer their records.As the smart team defined a health care API for substitutable apps, it boosted a health IT standards effort called fhir, a set of open specifications defining exactly how to electronically store and request health information.A Narrative of the Life of David Corckett, published in 1834: i soon found myself head over heels in love with this girl.More than that, will they fulfill ITs promise to improve health care?About 80 percent of Geisingers eight hospitals and dozens of clinics use Epic, while most others use Cerner.The Dodd-Frank financial regulatory overhaul required banks to allow app-makers, such as the personal finance manager Mint, to attach to the customers record through an API.Finding a pearl requires either opening a lot of oysters or having good luck - either will work.Many health IT startups die on the vine because the integration into the complex EHRs of hospitals is prolonged and they have to make one sale at a time to each hospital, he added.It may take a lot of work and trying a lot of different things (i.e., prying open a lot of oysters) before one finally makes one's fortune (i.e., finds a pearl).In addition to cheesing off doctors and patients who cant access their data, the lack of standardization has scared off innovative computer people.We are limited to what can be found in writings, such as books, poems, newspapers, and plays.An app using the Cerner or Epic API can draw on the full patient records, and this has enabled Geisinger to make dramatic improvements in usability, Erskine said.Apple was a very closed system.
In 2014, an ONC-chartered task force led by Cerner executive David McCallie and Micky Tripathi, whose Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative is supported by the EHR industry, concluded in view of smarts success that EHR vendors should be encouraged and motivated to grant third-party access to public.

Therein lies the multiple meaning of Shakespeare's invented or borrowed metaphor - at least that is how I always understood.The Consumer Financial Protection Board has not issued final rules, but responds to complaints if it hears a bank is balking.Rather than telling industry how to implement smart, the government should have the Department of Veterans Affairs and Pentagon implement smart APIs as they move to a Cerner system together, Tripathi says, setting an example instead of dictating what happens.At the same time, Cerner could fill its app store with appealing software for its customers.However, what that does tell you, is that the phrase was being used since 1850, so its origins are at least more than 150 years old.Fhir is huge, he said.Often times, phrases will be"d from century old newspapers, or from plays that were done in the 17th century by playwrights like William Shakespeare.He was young, so he had time, he wasn't locked down to any location or occupation, so he was free to seek his fortune where ever he wanted, and he had the tools necessary - his sword, free spinning games his looks and his youth -.As an example, McCallie noted that Cerner now offers a product called Visual DX that contains a library of millions of photos to help doctors identify skin lesions.The double-meaning is a common literary device employed by Shakespeare.
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