what is the voucher number on groupon

Yes actually you should check that at first thing every day when you have a deal running with Groupon.
(please see What requirements are there for an invoice?
Commerce Interface What is Commerce Interface?If your vouchers are expired, please contact your dedicated Partner Manager or write an email.Option 1: iPhone 5s 16GB, white, Option 2: iPhone 5s 32GB, white etc Product description describe highlights, skills and characteristics of your product Product link to verify your information and as a support for our editorial team RRP (Recommended Retail Price) and link proof necessary.You must register with Groupon to make a purchase, then you can print your voucher as well view your past purchases, store any credit and modify your personal preferences.If your products were sold in sets on Groupon: You are required to deliver the items in the form of the pre-agreed set and to kit individual items together prior to shipping if necessary.If the goods remain in the same country, meaning the warehouse location and the destinations are in the same country, you will have to pay the VAT on your part to the authorities, meaning you can charge us for this.All of the above information and a full list of all.DCO - Direct Check Out - Customer is buying the Groupon deal directly on our check out page and the order will be provided via.To transmit your invoice to us you need to import it, by the import-function on the bottom of the side.Special caracters (points, stars, pounds, spaces) are not allowed!Untracked Shipping What does the process looks like for untracked shipping?Action taken include whether you informed Groupon about this in a timely fashion and what steps have been taken to prevent further issues along the way.6.) Vendor VAT ID or VAT Registration Number Please insert your VAT ID number or VAT registration number.Groupon is a platform which features on a daily basis the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities in over 48 countries.
This PO is named according to the Permalink of the deal.
Please note you will only export the packing slips for those orders that are selected.

We advise always just to save the file, not to open it directly.You will also receive a Welcome Callfrom our Partner management.My Partner Manager says he/she has no influence on the Non-Compliance Charge (nccr is he/she not my contact point for all aftersales interaction with Groupon?Please note that we only pay for valid trackings.Yes, you can appeal the decision by sending an email to the Non-Compliance team explaining the reason for being Out-of Compliance and what actions you have taken.If you click on Liste herunterladen.For features in which more than 20 of the units are Out of Compliance or defective, the charge will change to a full refund of the buy-price plus 10 CHF - 8,11 EUR) for each affected unit.As part of the deal preparation our Quality Assurance team needs several documents: Stock proof to make sure that you have the capacities mentioned in the Echosign Agreement in your warehouse and you can deliver in time RRP proof only necessary if you would like.What are the requirements that I have to commit on before I can ship untracked?
When you visit the Groupon website, you will see money saving offers which are updated daily.
Each item in the group competitions to win a car australia 2014 must be gathered and bagged/boxed together and must be labelled with: Product name The statement Sold as set Do Not Separate The Groupon SKU as listed on your OTP Section 5: Preparing Freight Shipments Boxes must be tightly stacked with.