where can i give away my rabbit

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A rabbit that lives indoors will generally live 5-8 years longer than its out-of-doors living counterpart, to the ripe old age of 8-13 years (some have even lived to.
If you have adopted your rabbit from a shelter or rescue or bought it from a breeder, please check your contract on whether or not you are mandated to bring your rabbit back to them in the case you need to rehome.
Thousands of people with allergies still have pets.Bunspace, Rabbit Rescue and Adoption relevant m subreddits (e.g.Rabbits released into the wild (parks, fields, etc.) will DIE from predators, starvation or sickness.Has your rabbit been an indoor or outdoor rabbit?To do so would be as cruel as separating a loving human husband and wife, never to see each other again.If the reason you are trying to find a home for your rabbit is due to behavioral problems (poor litterbox habits, aggression, shyness, etc.Pet rabbits dont even know what a road.For more information on rabbit care, please refer to The House Rabbit Handbook by Marinell Harriman.The second step is to aggressively seek an ideal home by advertising and screening callers for suitability.Please understand that by abandoning your pet rabbit, you will be causing him/her great trauma and distress.Millions of companion animals will lose their lives this year simply because their humans have grown tired of caring for them.List any special conditions for adoption (i.e., no children, indoor homes only, etc.).If your rabbit is chewing and destroying everything in sight, please consider bunny-proofing any location that your rabbit has access to and provide plenty of toys.If so, when, and where is that rabbit now?The more time you spend with your rabbit out of its pen or cage, the more you will realize it has a unique personality of its own.
We hope you will reconsider your decision to give him/her away.

We have known rabbits to die of grief when separated from a beloved companion.Aggression is often a behavioral and not a genetic problem.We are sure you do not want your rabbit to end up like this.He is dependant on you to do the right thing.Good luck placing your rabbit.Hay can be replaced gradually with different types, and some may trigger less allergic reactions than others.Interview before allowing bunny to leave your home; you could even drop the bunny off yourself so you can do a house check.Other considerations: People who have children under the age of eight or nine are probably too busy with their children to supervise interaction with the rabbit, let alone maintain the rabbit.The rabbit has a cage, but is allowed some supervised freedom daily.The first is to prepare the rabbit for adoption.What would happen to her if she became ill when no one was there to notice?
Before YOU advertise your bunny: Remember that your pet will miss you and that if there is any way at all that you can make accommodations in your life so s/he can remain with you-that is always the best option.