who was the first person to win two nobel prizes

You have no idea how much trouble I'd be in if I answered that question!".
The first glimmering that he'd be a nine-day wonder came the very night he won the money.(The image was shown to Watson and Crick without her knowledge.) Franklin had already written a draft of her paper on the helical form of DNA before Watson and Crick wrote theirs, but her contributions were overlooked for years.The X Factor is all one big theatre - it's turning music into the WWF.Speaking of whom, it was on the X Factor that the blonde singer first caught the One Direction star's eye.The single of the same name charted at number.Sir Alexander Fleming.But after years of womanising and substance abuse that sent him into a downward spiral, James managed to turn his life around and regain his past success, with his single Say You Won't Let Go hitting number one in the UK charts in September.I'd have dropped my pants to have been on that show.".Became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize when his work to end racial discrimination in the United States through nonviolent means was recognized in 1964.The girls have achieved global domination (Image: Splash News) Perrie started dating Zayn Malik after meeting on the X Factor (Image: xposure) With a total of four studio albums, 17 singles and 18 music videos, they've scored a slew of top 10 hits including 2012.She's ford car giveaway sweepstakes struggling to fake her chemistry with Gorka (Image: PA) And as rumours abound that he's having it off with contestant Gemma Atkinson, Alexandra, 29, recently admitted she's struggling to fake chemistry with him."Ive never been one for the six pack.

He hadn't even heard of the show when he had some of his wife's friends over for dinner.A biologist by training, he spent the 1920s investigating the effects.His career has since headed in a totally different direction (Image: Getty).His cover of Phil Collins' Against All Odds lost out of the festive top spot (Image: Getty).She's now starring in BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing, where she's been paired with Gorka Marquez.Hopefully well see a globalization of our storytelling.".Their prize remains controversial because of who was left off the list of honorees.His debut single, a cover of OneRepublic's Something I Need, was released in December 2014.Riz Ahmed has become the first man of Asian descent to win an acting award at the.
Brown became the first black man to win Outstanding Lead Actor In a Drama in 19 years.
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