will a sweep work at 37 weeks

I recommend it though.
I heard it can work for some people.
Maybe I was just ready to go just needed the little extra help!I was finally induced at close to 42 weeks.I was already 2 cms dialated however i had been in pre labour for 9 days before i had it done.Medical disclaimer: Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. .I had a sweep.5 weeks well overdue on a Thursday nothing happened for 24 hours then I went into labour a day before was going to be induced but dont work for everyone good luck.I had a sweep at 39weeks.I was already in stage 1 labour @ 40 weeks, they gave myself the sweep done 3 days later at 11am.30pm my water broke I was in second stage labour, my DD arrived the next day.I was only ever 1cm dilated at all of them and ended up being induced on the Friday-Still only 1cm, 10 days over.
Had multiple sweeps with both pregnancies but was induced both times.

I had sweeps done with both pregnancys and both worked!Was this answer useful?One on my due date Wednesday, another on the saturday and another on the Thursday.Does anyone have stories to share for, ie if the sweep helped to bring on labour?I had a sweep done had my baby boy the next morning he is now 3 weeks old.Sumber: A 6 patagonia promotion code tahun yang lalu 0, jempol ke atas 0, jempol ke bawah, komentar.Your doctor may check for labor signs, while your baby prepares for birth by sucking, turning and breathing in the womb.Doesnt hurt, more like a rough fingering!
They do hurt bit, like bad period pains.
I had it done with my daugher at 405 ish and it didnt work, female doctor did.