will my 2nd stretch and sweep work

The answer may surprise you.
A stretch and sweep will usually not hurt if the cervix is ripe.
Its common to experience some spotting after one, but this will occur whether or not labor is about to start, in most cases.Ive since been getting some brown discharge and a little cramping.Reply, close, s SM_17 @reblyman sending luck your way!Its possible to have up to 5 or more sweeps before labor begins they are no guarantee.Reply, close, s SM_17 @caralovell31 thank you!This means that its anterior (facing forward, allowing more pressure from the babys head on it, instead of sitting behind the babys head partially dilated and effaced.That's thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so I'll have a thanksgiving baby possibly!Has anyone had experience with this and did it work if cervix wasnt open?I'm 403 and will probably get a sweep today.Since shes left, ive had some twinges (finally) but as of yet there not regular.Some health professionals regularly do a stretch and sweep during routine examinations at the end of pregnancy.S, bookmark Discussion, sM_17 wrote: I need some positive labour juju sent my way!Shes booked me in for a induction on saturday if (god forbid) baby hasnt made an apperance.

Hoping this stretch and sweep gets things going tho.There is no simple answer to this question, although whether it will hurt can be boston area chimney sweep broken down into two simple options.I'll be 402 so here's to hoping!I'm desperate to just the bachelorette contestants 2017 tenplay hold my boy already and to end this miserable state I'm.I just hope soon at least by end of week ill have my baby!Before 42 weeks, there is no reason to induce labor without a medical reason.My OB wasn't hopeful but I insisted on it again.
May also be having a thanksgiving baby!