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Despite the EAC being somewhat messy and full of small eddies, it's still pushing a big warm water front out wide to the northeast which could make it here if the current straightens.
However, yesterday's southerly took a lot of energy out of the atmosphere, and with a relatively calm overcast day today, the strong current should be working some magic and flushing the cold bottom water that the succession of strong northerlies have rolled over during the.
They obviously have to try to do it a little differently given that it seems from the evidence that at this time of year, all the marlin around Kona have teflon mouths.
Thanks for that Marc.It has gorgeous 5-blade custom wheels that would be brilliant at getting a lot of horsepower into the water.As it does so, the lure hooks up, the marlin's head and dorsal fin are briefly out of the water during the last part of the strike, and then as the marlin submerges again, the big sickle tail sweeps past as it slides away and.Out with a whimper instead of a bang.Meanwhile, it seems that the latest way to get rich is to be one of Australia's two importers of marine grade teak.Then at midday a southerly came barreling up the coast, dropping the air sunwing anniversary voucher temp significantly, and covering the coast with a layer of low scudding stratus cloud.Sure, the charter operators and their customers all want to consider it more of a singular achievement, but for those of us involved in club recreational game fishing, we know that the person with the rod in their hand is no more important than those.When Paul did get the tag in it, it had really had enough and pulled the hook almost immediately and buggered off at speed.But they had it sorted quick enough.
The proposal simply promotes the idea of changing that club's pointscoring system to only allocate competition points for tag and release of marlin, and none for killing them.
Marcus said that the first shot they had left a big (marlin-sized) hole in the water without either he or George getting a decent look at the culprit, and Pete English had a marlin up that pulled a bit of string but never hooked.

However, in the long, dark, cold winters in Europe, there's not a lot of game fishing going on for someone who works in Paris as Bill does.A quick look to the east from the beach, or a glance at the real time weather radar plots seem to confirm this, and clearly show a very powerful line of cells sitting offshore exactly where the current would normally be, and exactly what you'd.But over in Moroccan waters, things are different.Off Coffs though, the annual guessing game of "when are the little blacks arriving.?" is in full swing, with anglers packing their tinnies and heading down to fish the perennial black marlin hot spot off the Smokey Cape gaol ruins this weekend, and boats heading.The fight got pretty interesting the first time they got the fish at the boat, when the big blue decided it was leaving before they had it tagged.Wayne and a couple of mates from the Gold Coast GFC have formed a team and will be fishing the big hibt in Kona next how to contest a ticket in court week, and we're all looking forward to a report (maybe even a win.?) and photos later this month.