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I do apologize for that mistake as well ).
( Look at all those non-guaranteed words.We value your privacy. At that time, I also made you childcare vouchers changes april 2015 aware of the fact that the month was about to get extremely busy for us, but that I would give my full attention to your images when I was able.Fun fact, take it with you whenever you have to work with another photographer; theyll really appreciate your understanding how long and hard they work.I dont have much faith in it either.The latter sounds better to me, and thats exactly how we do things.Thats not getting posted.Sure, you can do that. First and foremost, let me remind you that you were chosen/drawn/picked to receive a free bridal portrait session.
END OF email, question HOW professional IS megan mook NOW?
Here is a list of reasons why.

Bonus Fact!* Our Facebook page is there solely for the enjoyment of our fans and current clients.Had you sent me that email one day earlier, I certainly would have thrown the disc in the trash, sent your whopping 50 back, and not given it a second thought. This section actually ties in with your whole question about, What on earth were you doing with them for over five weeks if you werent touching them up?Want to know how long it takes to fully edit 1 ( one ONE photo?About 50 ( so, laughably, I actually gave you about 20 more than I ever give normal, paying clients.And charge actual money for crap! As far as the timeline, I believe I already addressed that quite enough in the section where I mentioned our currently contracted clients ( client being someone who has signed a contract to book us for their wedding day, paid the balance due.Click here to read the Official Rules and for more information on eligibility requirements.Like I said, you can believe whatever makes you feel best, but I dont really have the time to debate what I have record of doing and try to convince you that Im being honest.Never did I promise your disc would be there on a certain date.