word sweep game

Con un rapido movimento della mano, il moschettiere portò la spada alla gola del suo nemico.
Vi wind balayer Cold winds swept over the barren plains Des vents froids balayaient les mornes plaines.
To save this badge, you'll have to create an account.To save this level, you'll have to create an account, congrats!( scan ) searchlight, eyes recorrer he swept the horizon with his binoculars recorrió el horizonte con sus prismáticos.6.Sweep past sb/sth, sweep by sb/sth vi prep (move rapidly past sth, sb) superare velocemente vtr The cars swept past the front of the house.Sweep in figurative (enter in a dramatic way) fare un ingresso trionfale vtr sweep in figurative (dash into a place) entrare con irruenza, entrare rumorosamente vi sweep in figurative (be elected decisively) essere eletto a grande maggioranza vi sweep sth out vtr adv (clear with.
WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2017: Compound Forms/Forme composte sweep chimney sweep chimney sweep, sweep historical (sb employed to clean chimneys) spazzacamino nm Children were often employed as chimney sweeps because they were small enough to climb up narrow chimneys.

Si permites que los perros entren en casa tendrás que cepillar los pelos.( wave ) of emotion ola.Nancy entrò nella stanza, vide che James era lì e, immediatamente, girò i tacchi e uscì altezzosamente.Sweep sth away vtr adv figurative (banish, eliminate) spazzare via vtr togliere di mezzo, levare di mezzo vtr fare piazza pulita di qlcs how to buy gift vouchers online vtr The new leader promised to sweep away the corruption in the country.She swept her hair off her face BUT Elle écarta les cheveux de son visage d'un revers de main.Sweep sb/sth along vtr adv figurative, often passive (involve) implicare vtr sweep along (move smoothly) scorrere rapido vi sweep sth/sb aside, sweep aside sth/sb (ignore sth/sb) ignorare, non considerare vtr sweep sth away vtr adv (clear with a broom or brush) spazzare, spazzare via vtr.To sweep sth under the carpet (fig) balayer qch sous le tapis ( push with hand ) balayer She swept the bottles from her bedside table Elle balaya les bouteilles de sa table de chevet.With a sweep of his hand, the musketeer brought his sword to his enemy's throat.( with broom, brush ) barrido m, barrida f the floor/the kitchen could do with a sweep al suelo /a la cocina le hace falta un barrido or una barrida to give sth a sweep darle un barrido or una barrida a algo.Sweep away vt sep crumbs, dust, leaves balayer flood, current, crowd entraîner ( get rid of ) restrictions, doubts balayer sweep aside vt sep ( ignore completely ) objections balayer ; advice ignorer sweep past vi ( move majestically ) person, car passer majestueusement She.( figurado, coloquial ) borrar del mapa El nuevo líder prometió borrar del mapa a la corrupción del país.